Do you want to refurbish your driveway, sidewalk or patio? Are you planning to give your driveway a new facelift? Well, you’ve got options. You can either choose to go for resin bound or bonded aggregate, rubber crumbs, stamped concrete (Pattern imprinted concrete), lay tarmac or simply drop down some crushed gravel.

Better even, you can use concrete block pavers.

Typically, driveways have traditionally been a bold statement about our homes. Over the years, trends and styles have changed. Despite this continuous cycle of change, concrete paving blocks have maintained their shine – passing from one generation to another. They are both practical and affordable!

A Block Paving Driveway can add instant kerb appeal to your home. Concrete block paving provides a hard-wearing surface which is comfortable to walk in, is aesthetically pleasing, trafficable, easy to maintain and extremely durable. They are uniquely engineered products, produced in factory condition, hence, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Click here for more information regarding other styles of driveways

They are suitable for both commercial and residential developments.

Our concrete Block paving (Brick Pavers) solutions are cost effective and highly durable. They are suitable for:
• Walkways
• Pavements
• Driveways
• Patios
• Pool Decks

Certainly, they are a low-maintenance landscaping solution that comes in a variety of shapes.

Why Choose Block Pavers

• Create a unique design with octants and circles
• Driveway system options
• Choose from traditional and contemporary styles.
• Colours to match your property type.
• Natural stone and reconstituted alternatives

Benefits of Using Block Pavers for Your Driveway or Patio

1. Versatility

They come in a wide variety, hence, allows you to create patterns in your driveways or walkway. While some have smooth edges, others have an interlocking tongue and groove design and can be cut to fit different designs.

2. Cost

Block pavers are considerably cheaper than poured concrete or tarmac. They are also durable and their maintenance is ABC easy. Since these pavers usually stand alone, a damaged block can be easily removed and replaced with new pavers.

3. Strength

Concrete pavers have high compressive and tensile strengths due to their factory-precise manufacturing process where sand, cement, aggregates and water are compressed in specially made moulds. In fact, block pavers are even, at times, robust than concrete and do not crack like slabs of concrete.

Joints between the pavers also ensure that the driveway is resistant to seismic waves.

4. Low maintenance

Block paving maintenance involves a regular sweep or rinsing with garden hose. As earlier stated, a damaged block paving is easily replaced with new ones.

5. Many Shapes and colours

There is something regal and classic about interlocking concrete blocks. Concrete paving blocks come in expansive colour ranges and styles. Light coloured blocks offer a cooler environment around pool decks and patios. When properly blended, block paving provides elegance, grace, glamour, beauty and functionality to your property. Ultimately, offering a better resale value.

Cost of Block Paved Driveway

Below are rough estimates of how much it would cost you to lay a block paving driveway. For accurate pricing, please request a free non-committal quote.

Standard Paver Blocks – Price Per Square Metre
4m² Prices from £200
25m² Prices from £1,250

50m² Prices from £2,500
80m² Prices from £4,000
150m² Prices from £7,500
200m² Prices from £10,000

Premium Paver Blocks – Price Per Square Metre
4m² Prices from £240
25m² Prices from £1,500
50m² Prices from £3,000
80m² Prices from £4,800
150m² Prices from £9,000
200m² Prices from £12,000

Contact us today or visit one of our local dealership in your neighbourhood for advice and a free quotation. For further information visit

Driveway markers

One may wonder how he could get scratches on his car when he could not even remember any road mishap wherein he was involved. Fact is, one can get marks on his car owing to a lot of things. One example of this is when he unknowingly bumps into something when passing through or backing up from his driveway. In order to solve this problem, manufacturers discovered a convenient way of guiding a person through his driveway in the dark or under low light. The means used are driveway markers and driveway lights.

Driveway markers are devices installed along the driveway’s path, which are specifically used to guide a person driving through or backing up his car. Driveway markers are necessary in especially in instances when visibility is low, such as at nighttime or when heavy rain or snow is falling.

Driveway markers may be made of fiber glass, wood, or stainless steel. They are made of different fluorescent colors, which are either painted or taped on them. The adhesive used on them, if any, are waterproof.

Driveway markers are energy-saving because they do not use up electricity unlike ordinary street or driveway lights. Instead, they use light reflectors, which have the same illuminating effect that electric-powered lights produce. Aside from these reflective driveway markers, there are also solar driveway markers, which get absorb and get light from the sun. They are made to reflect or refract light, which is visible at a far distance.

These driveway reflectors take several forms. They may be in the form of poles that are buried under the earth or heap of snow, whether or not permanently. They may also be fixtures attached in strategic places along the driveway itself. Most of the time though is that driveway markers are affixed on the ground where they can reflect more light for the passing car. Permanently affixing the driveway markers on the driveway does not make them prone to theft. In any case, they are very easy to install.

What is great about driveway markers is that they do not rust or break easily. They have been tried and tested to last for a very long time. In fact, there are driveway markers designed with springs, or with bendable materials that merely bounce back when something hits them, be it a car that drives over them. In addition, driveway markers are specially manufactured to stand extreme weather conditions.

Another advantage of using driveway markers is that they can also protect the plants and foliage planted around the driveway. They also help keep statues or other decorations safe from being run over by a car passing through the driveway. Moreover, when arranged properly along the driveway, driveway markers can be taken advantage of as attractive decorations to complement one’s home.

How and where to find landscaping services

If you are looking for landscaping services, you can rest assured in knowing that there are many options that are available to you. The most important thing to remember here is that you need to take the proper time and consideration in regards to making your decision in the matter of which landscaping services to choose, so that you end up getting the best quality and worth for your money that you possibly can.

What are some of the landscaping services that are available?

There are many different landscaping services that are available, with one of the most well-known and popular being that of Coles Quality Construction Services; Coles is a company which is able to create and build whatever you desire, and help you to determine exactly what it is that you need. Regardless of what you are interested in, whether it be ponds, additional plantings, or even some form of commercial or residential landscape maintenance service; you can find it all here.

In regards to the landscaping services that they have to offer, some of the available options are as follows: foundation plantings, water gardens, island beds, redesign, walks/patio, walls, tree/shrub pruning, perennial cutback, tree/stump removal, lawn/turf management programs, irrigation installation and maintenance, and landscape lighting installation, for instance.

Another good option for landscaping services is that of Coles Quality Construction Services; they are a company which you can rely and trust on to mow, plant, fertilize, and weed in order to make your lawns, shrubs and flowerbeds truly luxurious. Their basic vision is as follows: to make it easy for property owners and managers of commercial and industrial properties to feel proud of how their properties look; and to create and maintain excellent relationships with those property owners by providing that of top quality services, as well as well trained professional employees who are experienced and qualified.

They are a company which has over 140 years of experience in landscaping services, proving that they are an incredibly longstanding company; and over this time they have gained an incredibly respected reputation. They are incredibly professional and proactive in regards to all of their landscaping services, and they are sure that you the customer will be impressed with their efficient systems, use of technology, and competitive pricing.

Regardless of which company you actually decide to go with, the most important thing is that you take the proper time and consideration in your decision so that you choose a company that will work well with you and your ideas and so that you can get the best landscaping services and worth for your money possible.

Make A Good Impression: Landscape Your Driveway

Is your driveway landscaped? It needs to be.

This consists of the driveway itself, as well as the style components on both sides. All sorts of products from softscape options to hardscape are readily available to make your driveway appealing.

Make An Excellent Entryway

As the entrance to your home, the driveway needs to not be ignored. It can either be a scar on the other landscaping around the home or it can add depth to the whole look of your home. You don’t have to spend a great deal of cash on it either. You can be imaginative and pick appealing functions, and have an extremely low cost landscape that is welcoming.

Ensure that you take whatever into account before picking your aspects. For instance, if you are searching for very little work, do not plant a flower bush at the end of your driveway where the plants can be destroyed by those in your area. Rather, use an attractive fence or a rock garden. Driveway design in Bournemouth is becoming a big thing for local homeowners staying put rather than moving.

Another crucial aspect is the path to the house. Do not utilize any style elements that will remain in the method of the regular foot traffic. You do not wish to visitors going out of their method, or worse, squashing your plants to reach your door.

Hardscape Choice

You have lots of choices– typical ones consist of walls and fences, which can add distinction and accent your driveway. A little fence can include character and color to the landscape. Usage hanging baskets or lanterns on the fence for more charm.

A big rock can be especially fascinating, especially when it has multiple colors. You can plant lawns and little flowers in the fractures of stones to create even more ornamental appearances.

Softscape Choices

On a limited spending plan, simply landscaping along the sides of the driveway is an outstanding alternative. It will cost little, yet add great deals of beauty to your landscape style.

As for softscape options appropriate to driveway locations, numerous things will work, such as a flower bed or groundcover along the driveway. This will produce a border that is fascinating and separates the lawn from the actual driveway.

Decorative trees and shrubs can do the exact same thing along the edge of the driveway. Shrubs can be cut to become topiary, which will include even more design aspects to the appearance of the driveway landscape.

Another thing to think about is the curved driveway. If your driveway has a curve in it, a terrific idea is to add a centerpiece– something to make a declaration. For example, you can have a gorgeous tree, a flower bed, or a rock garden there. Whatever it is it ought to be stunning because the curve will focus attention at that point of your driveway. You can utilize water gardens, a wishing well, as well as lots of other types of aspects to boost this area and have it look fantastic.

Doing these landscaping operations can totally change the entryway to your house. In a simple, budget-friendly way, you can add character and depth to your landscape style around your driveway.