Do you want to refurbish your driveway, sidewalk or patio? Are you planning to give your driveway a new facelift? Well, you’ve got options. You can either choose to go for resin bound or bonded aggregate, rubber crumbs, stamped concrete (Pattern imprinted concrete), lay tarmac or simply drop down some crushed gravel.

Better even, you can use concrete block pavers.

Typically, driveways have traditionally been a bold statement about our homes. Over the years, trends and styles have changed. Despite this continuous cycle of change, concrete paving blocks have maintained their shine – passing from one generation to another. They are both practical and affordable!

A Block Paving Driveway can add instant kerb appeal to your home. Concrete block paving provides a hard-wearing surface which is comfortable to walk in, is aesthetically pleasing, trafficable, easy to maintain and extremely durable. They are uniquely engineered products, produced in factory condition, hence, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Click here for more information regarding other styles of driveways

They are suitable for both commercial and residential developments.

Our concrete Block paving (Brick Pavers) solutions are cost effective and highly durable. They are suitable for:
• Walkways
• Pavements
• Driveways
• Patios
• Pool Decks

Certainly, they are a low-maintenance landscaping solution that comes in a variety of shapes.

Why Choose Block Pavers

• Create a unique design with octants and circles
• Driveway system options
• Choose from traditional and contemporary styles.
• Colours to match your property type.
• Natural stone and reconstituted alternatives

Benefits of Using Block Pavers for Your Driveway or Patio

1. Versatility

They come in a wide variety, hence, allows you to create patterns in your driveways or walkway. While some have smooth edges, others have an interlocking tongue and groove design and can be cut to fit different designs.

2. Cost

Block pavers are considerably cheaper than poured concrete or tarmac. They are also durable and their maintenance is ABC easy. Since these pavers usually stand alone, a damaged block can be easily removed and replaced with new pavers.

3. Strength

Concrete pavers have high compressive and tensile strengths due to their factory-precise manufacturing process where sand, cement, aggregates and water are compressed in specially made moulds. In fact, block pavers are even, at times, robust than concrete and do not crack like slabs of concrete.

Joints between the pavers also ensure that the driveway is resistant to seismic waves.

4. Low maintenance

Block paving maintenance involves a regular sweep or rinsing with garden hose. As earlier stated, a damaged block paving is easily replaced with new ones.

5. Many Shapes and colours

There is something regal and classic about interlocking concrete blocks. Concrete paving blocks come in expansive colour ranges and styles. Light coloured blocks offer a cooler environment around pool decks and patios. When properly blended, block paving provides elegance, grace, glamour, beauty and functionality to your property. Ultimately, offering a better resale value.

Cost of Block Paved Driveway

Below are rough estimates of how much it would cost you to lay a block paving driveway. For accurate pricing, please request a free non-committal quote.

Standard Paver Blocks – Price Per Square Metre
4m² Prices from £200
25m² Prices from £1,250

50m² Prices from £2,500
80m² Prices from £4,000
150m² Prices from £7,500
200m² Prices from £10,000

Premium Paver Blocks – Price Per Square Metre
4m² Prices from £240
25m² Prices from £1,500
50m² Prices from £3,000
80m² Prices from £4,800
150m² Prices from £9,000
200m² Prices from £12,000

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