One may wonder how he could get scratches on his car when he could not even remember any road mishap wherein he was involved. Fact is, one can get marks on his car owing to a lot of things. One example of this is when he unknowingly bumps into something when passing through or backing up from his driveway. In order to solve this problem, manufacturers discovered a convenient way of guiding a person through his driveway in the dark or under low light. The means used are driveway markers and driveway lights.

Driveway markers are devices installed along the driveway’s path, which are specifically used to guide a person driving through or backing up his car. Driveway markers are necessary in especially in instances when visibility is low, such as at nighttime or when heavy rain or snow is falling.

Driveway markers may be made of fiber glass, wood, or stainless steel. They are made of different fluorescent colors, which are either painted or taped on them. The adhesive used on them, if any, are waterproof.

Driveway markers are energy-saving because they do not use up electricity unlike ordinary street or driveway lights. Instead, they use light reflectors, which have the same illuminating effect that electric-powered lights produce. Aside from these reflective driveway markers, there are also solar driveway markers, which get absorb and get light from the sun. They are made to reflect or refract light, which is visible at a far distance.

These driveway reflectors take several forms. They may be in the form of poles that are buried under the earth or heap of snow, whether or not permanently. They may also be fixtures attached in strategic places along the driveway itself. Most of the time though is that driveway markers are affixed on the ground where they can reflect more light for the passing car. Permanently affixing the driveway markers on the driveway does not make them prone to theft. In any case, they are very easy to install.

What is great about driveway markers is that they do not rust or break easily. They have been tried and tested to last for a very long time. In fact, there are driveway markers designed with springs, or with bendable materials that merely bounce back when something hits them, be it a car that drives over them. In addition, driveway markers are specially manufactured to stand extreme weather conditions.

Another advantage of using driveway markers is that they can also protect the plants and foliage planted around the driveway. They also help keep statues or other decorations safe from being run over by a car passing through the driveway. Moreover, when arranged properly along the driveway, driveway markers can be taken advantage of as attractive decorations to complement one’s home.